Syberian Hunter

By horsie on May 27th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: White
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25 3
1 0
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Hello, It's my time to try this new shoulder hehe. As you can see, on few screens, iI used different coat,I wasn't sure back than, what will fit this look better, but i think that I'll stick with this t2 human cultural armor.

I wanted to create a typical hunter who specializes in hunting in really bad conditions, such as extreme cold temperatures.

Vabsey - a specialized assasin for all possible situations. She's a human, from divinity reach, but she's getting orders from all over the Tyria, no matter if it's norn, charr, bandit or whatever, anyone who wants to hire her, will get what they wants. This time, her mission takes place in very cold "Siberian" climates, along with a specially trained wolf, our killer is ready for action, and from what I heard it will not take long time for her.


Very interesting!
I like the leathery colour combined with the snowy theme and hues!
Great choice of weapons and accessories too + great screens :D
Have a Gold!
2017-05-27 13:10

I have to admit, when I saw the first screen my original thought was: "Oh no, another full black and white look that is 'original'." yet, after looking close you have used great different brown-hue's in your tones. Which go very nice with the white.
Also, like Hylek has pointed out, the weapons and accessorries go greatly together.
Gold from me.
2017-05-27 14:36

Fashion Guru
I love how she matches her wolf. I'm actually surprised how well the daredevil's scarf works on a ranger: She really looks like a wilderness survival expert! I also like her intense blue eyes. Very piercing!
2017-05-27 15:25

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
dope combo with the legs and shoulder. i like it alot. gold
2017-05-27 16:28

Cool mix! Are you preparing for the desert expension?
Gold for me
2017-05-27 16:59

Fashion Guru
Very interesting dye job and nice screens :)
2017-05-27 17:27

Elessar Taralom
Really cool idea!
You managed to make the coat look more like rugged fur than feathers, really nicely done
Your character looks elusive and mysterious and you really managed to breathe some life in a seemingly boring armour mix
Presentation and weapon choice sell the look, gold!
2017-05-28 5:06

love the choice of feathery chest! it looks soooo good on her! and the daredevil mask really hits the spot! Gold from me!
2017-05-29 0:38

nice armor mix!
the leggings in combination with the armguards look really cool :) also the metal parts of the boots which fit to the shoulders.
and her beautiful eyes looking through the headscarf - awesome!
I like this look, her weapons also match beautifully.
gold from me
2017-05-29 7:08

Fashion Collector
Another good and realistic look. Take a gold! :)
2017-05-29 16:06

Very Nice! I love the look. Great way of putting attention into the eyes. Loving the mysterious look of it all!
2017-05-30 10:58

Fashion Guru
I love how well you matched all of the leather bits. Gold.
2017-06-03 0:50