Special Class Investigator

By horsie on May 8th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
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18 3
1 0
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Aye! It's me again, with my new concept for my female sylvari :D.

I always wanted to use Zodiac medium chest but I never had ideas how to do it, to be nice and original enough. I thought I would mix some styles, like cosmic, hunter and cyberpunk. I was inspired with this after seeing the new guards of the galaxy. On occasion, I noticed that for this look, my all legendary weapons, wooden like nevermore or metallic like bolt, fit very well. In my opinion it looks cool. I tried to do it to make something new and original, as original as possible. The biggest problem I had with the gloves.
Also i found interesting the arah leggines, they looks really cool with good combination of dyes.

About the bow, as u can see, this is the bow from gemstore, forgot the name, but it's in "Stormy theme", I was wondering to use it or not, it looked good with the whole looks, so i just turned it into "cosmic force bow" instead of stormy bow.


Fashion Guru
Great armor mix. I like that you incorporated the blue bits in the legs. Your dye choices are very nice and I really like the "coral" bits. Great presentation. Gold.
2017-05-09 2:43

It looks really nice
2017-05-09 5:32

Fashion Collector
I like the sci fi look you made there ^^)
2017-05-09 5:49

Fashion Guru
Love the armour mix, especially the stalwart shoulders (my favourite!) and the simple choice in gloves. As jesandsteven said the blue in the accursed leggings works very well. Very fun and I definitely think you have pulled off the sci-fi look.
2017-05-09 8:33

Such an interesting look!
I love the cyberpunk flair this look has! The red ornaments make it so special :o
The stormbow looks pretty good here, i can imagine it being some hightech weapon based on asuran tech. Nevermore doesnt really fit imo tho :P
But that doesnt steal away your Gold since your presentation is amazing ... just like the look itself :D
2017-05-09 9:27

Fashion Guru
Well, u are right with the nevermore, but i just used it cuz the colors were similiar :D. I found this bow really interesting, like u said, hightech weapon based on some special energy :D. Thanks :)
2017-05-09 9:48 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Guru
Tbh, I had the biggest problem with gloves, but everytime i see them on this look, i like it even more.

Thanks u guys :)
2017-05-09 9:49 in reply to Mihrean

Pretty unique look! Nice use of the bow as a different theme. Gold =D
2017-05-10 9:33

Elessar Taralom
Really unique upload, you managed to include the Zodiac coat very well, which isnĀ“t alway too easy
The character is very detailed and while I am personally not the biggest fan of the dye job, I do appreciate that you went for something completely different
Gloves and shoulders totally pull this look together and I love the way you presented it
Gold! ^^
2017-05-10 16:05

Fashion Guru
I too think this look is very original. I've never thought of combining blue zodiac parts with brown clothes. The result is amazing :)
2017-05-10 19:51

Woaw this is great. she's so cool xP
2017-08-09 6:54

Amazing look ;)
2020-08-18 5:12