By Unmei on December 26th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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5 8
2 0
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She will purge the evil with celestial fire.

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time since I uploaded my first look here.

A long time ago I have planned this look, but I was waiting to finish the legendary wings Ad Infinitum to be able to upload it.
And I finally got it!

I already had a sylvari character with bluish white skin and completely black eyes, and then I said to myself that I wanted to create another sylvari but it was the inverse; black skin and white eyes. The same time I wanted a Guardian that had the classic white and blue colors, and of course, that shines as only they do it. So gradually I was
giving form to the idea until it became in my actual Dragonhunter.

I'm really happy with the final result ^^

I like the way the Mistward Plate and the Zodiac Legplates fits perfectly on the back, and you?

Hooope you like it!


If you're a raider or have the gold, try ghostly infusions?
2016-12-27 4:32

Elessar Taralom
I am really in love with your armour mix, you utilised some commonly overused pieces and made it into a really solid mix that feels interesting to look at
The dyes are solid and go along well with the backpiece and overall this is just a very coherent look
If it wasn´t for that haircolour; the bright green is super offthrowing in pretty much all of the screens and clashes with the otherwise carefully constructed look
Overall this is still a gold for me since your screens and description are also really amazing, but I would either change her hair colour or give her a helmet to make the look perfect
2016-12-27 9:28

Thank you very much Elessar! I thought to change her hair colour but I wasn't sure, because at same time I wanted to give her a different touch. But I will take it into consideration. :)
2016-12-27 12:57 in reply to Elessar Taralom

For now I can't, maybe some day, is an interesting suggestion.
2016-12-27 13:09 in reply to Esdeath

I love the colors so much! And especially the wings, it all looks great together and blends well. I also really like the places you took the screenshots do you can see what it looks like in various places.
2017-01-03 6:15