Guild Wars meets Art Nouveau

By AnaChronism on December 9th, 2016


Ohai! o/

It's been a while since I uploaded a look in here and I am really sorry for being a lazy person lately. Maybe I will be uploading something, soon!

For now I though I could present you some other hobbies of mine :D I think it's a shame that this section of the website is almost dead. I rarely see someone using this platform to share their artworks with others so I thought: heey, why not giving it a try?

Drawing and painting is basically my passion. Sadly I turned into a lazy person here, as well but before the laziness attacked I was able to draw some GW2 characters!
This one for example was a commission long time ago for my lovely Elessar! It's her Elementalist who doesn't look like this at all anymore, I think she changed her look over 40 times since I painted that one :P

The other's are my friend's male Mesmer. Sadly he doesn't play GW2 anymore but I still enjoyed painting it for him. Also the third one is actually my Mesmer :D
It bothers me a bit that I HAVE to link a look in here because none of these looks are actually uploaded on this site and my Mesmer- look I posted in here is a complete different one but, oh well, I really wanted to share some old paintings!

For anyone who is curious:
- My inspiration were Art Nouveau- paintings, especially from Alphonse Mucha.
- I took some pose- references to get the proportions right and I had some character- screens, of course
- Everything has been painted with watercolours (or aquarell, I don't know how you call it)
- My female Mesmer is the only painting I am not too happy with and some accidents happend that made me cry inside.

Ah well, enough spam, I hope you like these little paintings and would love to get some feedback ^^

Edit: My scanner sucks btw and I am a poor university student who isn't able to affort a good one :(


Elessar Taralom
Ooooh, you uploaded those, really cool! * *
I wish I had paintings like these of all of my toons, but then you´d be busy the next five years xD
The detail is just so amazing and I love all the different influences you drew from Art Noveau; one of my favourite periods of art ^^
Bummer that you can´t vote on these art contributions, I´d love to give you a full gold!
2016-12-09 18:28

oh, I didnt know you could upload art here!
glad to see people doing this though, this is such an interesting idea!
would love to see more of these, super cool ^^
2016-12-09 18:30

love the second one the most, the gold looks super shiny and almost like metal
do you do comissions? great hand for detail btw, how big are these paintings irl?
2016-12-09 18:32

They look so awesome *,*
I enjoy(ed) painting quite a lot myself, but i always sucked with watercolours. Therefore i just adore your amazing talent even more!!!
The details are just so cool! You really outdid yourself on the phoenix chest-piece!!! Though everything looks just stunning :O
And those "mosaiques" in the background make the paintings look like church windows, kinda ^^
I really love that style!!!
Amazing work! You are so talented :D
2016-12-11 9:24

Fashion Guru
Thank you sooo much I really appreciate it x3
And yes, I in fact do comisssions though I am a slow worker xD
2016-12-11 11:47 in reply to sweet_tooth

Fashion Guru
Thank you so much, guys! It really made me happy to read your feedback and I am glad that you like my small paintings!
You are awesome x3
2016-12-11 11:50