The lonely Guardian

By Reick on November 9th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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11 4
1 0
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Reick is an accomplished guardian who tries to protect weak people against every threat. He lost his family when he was young. He regularly visits his adoptive family to talk to his father and sister.

He is alone and he has no real purpose. He believes that helping other people could bring more happiness into this world. He participated in a lot of battle, especially against Tequatl where the confrontation was very difficult.

Often, after battles, he goes to visit his deceased parents ... He speaks to them and hopes that they are proud of him

This is the story of Reick.


Fashion Guru
Wooooooow, this looks really cool!

The armor combination is really well done, even if half of the looks consists of phalanx.
I'm not sure about the no-helmet choice here... as an experienced fighter he should know that protectiing his head is crucial, but that's your choice.

Your weapon choice and backpiece definitely fit the look, just a suggestion, but have you tried the gallant skins? I think they might also fit really good.

Dyes have a realistic feel but the size of the armor makes it more fantasy-like again, it's really nicely done. also I like your choice, steel is one of my favorite colors when it comes to metal parts. it gives that "not-polished", kinda rusty look but not too rusty... if that makes sense.
The details in brown are amazing, I usually see bright colors used there so they stand out a lot but your choice adds to this battleworn look.

Now, your screenshots are top! I absolutely love the screens, my favorites are the main screen, the one with tequatl and the one where he is at his family grave. I think you put a lot of work and time in these, as getting decent tequatl screenshots etc. must be a pain to make, also this is your first upload... simply amazing!!!

Your description adds a nice background to your character, I really like it. It also helps understand the screenshots a lot more.

My only concerns about the look are, as already said: No use of head part, the blue on chest/legs don't fully match imo and the steel color on the legs also is a little too bright compared to the other parts from what I can see.

Other than that, really stunning first upload, a well deserved gold! Looking forward to see more from you :D
2016-11-09 10:33

Fashion Guru
I like everything here! Gold!
2016-11-09 12:57

Fashion Guru
Nice natural look, with well chosen muted dyes. Gold.
2016-11-09 22:48

ohhh I like him^-^
he looks really handsome.
and everything matches so well, gold!
2016-11-10 4:14

Thanks for feedback!

I didn't put a helmet because i wanted to show his facial expression.

It's less RP i can understand that, but i think the expression is very important to show.
2016-11-10 5:13 in reply to Blackkarmy

Thanks, it was not so easy to choose the good dyes.

I'm glad to see, you like it!
2016-11-10 5:15 in reply to jesandsteven


It's my main character in the game!
2016-11-10 5:15 in reply to Chro

Really liking this look!
nice coloring and the armor pieces look well together ^0^
2016-11-11 21:08

Fashion Collector
Really like the feel of Shadow of Mordor for some reason. The sheer amount of screenshots provide a nice picture of what your character is about and depicts his journey thru the world of Tyria. It kind of makes you know him more then just seeing him through screenshots.

Anyway, I like the product, here's my Gold, take it!
2018-01-04 6:28

Thanks to you!

I'm working now on my next character Isiana :)
2018-01-04 7:25 in reply to RASCALLON