The Queen's Blade

By Wolfsbergg on October 19th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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By day I am a royal guard tasked to defend Queen Jenna from all external and internal threats as my reputation grew as a strong fighter and duelist, I soon became known as "The Queen's Blade". However my name also has a darker meaning. When night falls in Divinity's Reach and the city sleeps, I stand vigilant and awake as part of a secret group that very few know exists.

We operate outside the law and eliminate all threats to Queen Jenna mercilessly and quickly. We show no mercy and will stop at nothing until all traitors and threats have been executed. Let this be a warning to all evil doer's in Divinity's Reach. We are coming for you.


Fashion Guru
I like the armor combination and dyes, they are very thematic with that royal guard background you provided in the description. Your weapon and armor choice go well with the look, not dye-wise but thematic. Krytan weapons for a defender of kryta, why not :D
The rapier is also really nicely fitting!

The screenshots are nicely done, but become boring after seeing a couple or so, since they are all in (or in front of) the throne room and basically depict the same scenery. Some cool action shots where she "elminiates" all enemies of Queen Jennah would be a nice addition and make the whole upload more exciting!

The description gives some background abotu the character which is really nice, but I would just wish to see some thoughts behind the look or it's creation!
2016-11-01 15:41

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