Dragon Lord Azure

By SteezSamurai on October 1st, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
11 8
2 0
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This is my revenant, Dragor Azure

I tried to make an armor for him, that looks like its made out of dragon-bones, scales, horns and others. But I still need help with the weapons.. so if you guys have any ideas, let me know :)

Story coming soon...


Elessar Taralom
I really like this look!
The armour mix looks intriguing and builds itself pretty well around the helmet (one of my new favourite pieces ingame) and I am really intruiged by your dye mix
If you have the possibility you should definitely get some Spectral weapons, they would be PERFECT for this toon!
Also really really cool screens and I am sure you will add a great description as well, have a gold! ^^
2016-10-01 16:30

Love that headpiece and the colours you chose!
Even though the chest-piece and especially the legpiece are quite common, you made them look fresh and stylish again! Great job :D
The sword fits great, wouldve loved to see some more screens with it ... some more different screens wouldve been cool generally, but still you did well.
Gold from me!
2016-10-01 16:36

Thank you for the votes and comments. And yes, I am going for the Spectral Hammer, Mace and Shield now. I will add some more screens as soon as I get them :)
2016-10-01 16:48

Fashion Guru
Excellent, this is great! The choice of color is definitely the best part of this look. I'm eager to see how it works with the spectral weapons, should you get them. Again, great job!
2016-10-01 17:14

What helmet is that? Nice look, pretty original and a good break from all the full Mistward reves out there.
2016-10-03 5:21

looks totally badass, i love it.
like hylek already said, you chose two very commonly used pieces (chest and legs) but you made a nice, unique looking outfit with them!
2016-10-03 12:01

Fashion Guru
Wow, this guy is so -cool-.

The dyes are great, the armor looks awesome, especially that Dragonscale helm - I need one of thems.

I like the weapons pretty fine, but if you don't like them, go ahead and change them. I don't really know what to suggest in their place, unfortunately.....I just wanted to tell you it all looked good, ha ha.
2017-01-02 9:41

baba yaga
Fashion Collector
I like that!
2019-02-20 2:48