Wanderer of Bloodstone Fen

By Kronos Baelfire on August 19th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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With not much to do right now in the game I've basically been wandering around Bloodstone Fen with my necromancer and decided to give her a new look! I know it may not win any awards but I like the way she looks at the moment. I was going for a gypsy sort of style. I'm using one of the crafting discipline's back packs as well. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve her look (i.e. color scheme, weapon/armor skins, etc.) let me know in the comments!

Hope you like it!


I would just forgo the head unless you have a better one. It just seems weird to have such a covered head and shoulders and bare midriff.
2016-08-19 19:11

I like it, although the white in the pants stands out quite a bit. I might change it to a cream or gold color. I don't think the staff fits very well, and while you are going for a gypsy look, I think it looks better without the backpack. Overall nice, gives off an Elona vibe :)
2016-08-19 22:03

Master Cats
I'd suggest changing the pants to a more earthy tone
2016-08-19 23:22

Fashion Guru
I actually don't mind the covered head and the more revealing chestpiece but I would still love to see a different top piece because I've seen the Carapace one way too often in the past. But that's just a personal oppinion. It still looks good in combination with the other pieces you used and I think the headpiece is the most outstanding part of your armour. You managed to create an orientalic and gypsy- like look and that's a very good thing. As you said the mix itself is not too mindblowing or new but it's still very solid and works for this theme. I think the backpiece is actually a good addition since gypsies are mostly on the move and I can picture her traveling through Tyria with her belongings in that backpack.
What I don't really like are the weapons. The staff is too pink and the greatsword too Asian- inspired. Try the Ceremonial weapons or the ones from the Order of Whispers? Their colours and style would match so much better!
What I would also love to see are more screens. Especially the orientalic part in Divinity's Reach, maybe the non golden guild hall if you have access to this or simply Silverwaste and Dry Top? There are nice places where you could take some killer shots!
2016-08-20 18:40

Homogenic Naps
I'd suggest changing the pants and the shoes colour :)
2016-08-31 10:27

Faye Grimm
AnaChronism made a ton of good advices. Though I myself picture gypsy more in dresses or long skirts, lot's of clothes layerd over another. I like the backpiece. The pants I'd either change for a skirt or something or change the color. it looks too clean and expensive.
2016-09-07 13:34

for my elementalist, i use the storm's eye for an air djinn look
2018-05-23 10:37