Icy Tempest ~ Liv Darkbloom

By Bianca Zauberkind on August 12th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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5 9
3 0
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Hiho Guys ^-^)/
This is the first time that i upload something on Gw2style and i'm pretty bad with words... so pls be gentle :)


Not a very menacing look :P , it has a pretty simple colour scheme, and the armour composition is really nice.

I like it!
2016-08-12 23:56

The armor and dye choices are spot on. Gold!
2016-08-13 1:43

Elessar Taralom
It might not be the most original look, but for the first look you ever uploaded here it´s really nice!
Certainly good to see someone paying attention to presentation from the very beginning
Your colourpalette is really nice and goes well with your staff
With the armour....well I am always having a little trouble if someone goes for a winter look and then leaves half of the upper body exposed; I think something a little more clothed would look better on the top part which would also create a little more armour diversity as you wouldn´t be so reliant on the Phoenix set anymore
Still, I think this is a very worthy first upload and I definitely look forward to seeing more from you!
2016-08-13 5:47

-- Comment has been removed --
2016-08-13 9:12

For a rather meta-looking style this is actually quite nice! ^^
I really like the armor-comb you chose (except for the boots, because i hate those) and your colour-scheme makes the look work!
The screenshots are nice, but you could play with the camera options a bit more!
For future uploads i suggest adding a bit more of description and staying away from too many human female meta pieces ^^ ... especially the scarf!
All in all a good job on your first upload! Id love to see more from you :)
2016-08-13 11:22

Fashion Guru
Well first of all welcome to this site! Always glad to welcome some new, fashion interested members :3
Now to your look.
Like Elessar or Hylek already pointed out your look is not the most original one since this armour combo has been done for some time already but it's still a pretty look and I can understand why you went for this armour combo. What I would suggest you is to change the chestpiece to something more winter- like, maybe something with long sleeves there are some cute skins that would look very neat with your overall combo. Right now she looks like she is really freezing in the snow :P
The skirt is very cute and fitting and I really like the ear- muffs here. The scarf is always a tricky thing. I am using this one on a character, as well, so I am not allowed to complain too much but it is sadly very very overused but I can ignore this fact over here since it's fitting to your theme.
The dye scheme is very pretty I like the mixture between white and blue it creates a frosty and cold vibe and goes along with the Zodiac weapons you are using.
Your screens are pretty and you managed to take some very interesting shots just don't forget to play with the sliders next time a little bit more in order to take some close ups of your character :3
Overall this is a nice upload and I think with some tiny changes here and there your character would look pretty cool (pun intended :D) and I would love to see more of you in general :3
2016-08-13 12:47

I have to say, this combo usually doesn't impress me much as I have seen it quite a few times already (or at least very similiar ones). But the dyes really make this look interesting! deep glacial sky and shiver sky (and most of the other expensive dyes) got that nice contrast and don't make the outfit look flat, like most other dyes do. I also tend to use more and more of the newer dyes because they can make a rather boring outfit look fresh and awesome.
don't get me wrong, I don't think that this outfit looks boring, it's just that I've seen this many times already. nonetheless this is the best version I've seen so far! all the pieces are very fitting for a winter look and look nice together! well, the top may be a bit unsuitable because they expose too much skin, but it still looks nice.
that said I quite like this and I'll gladly give you a gold :)
2016-08-13 14:12

Bianca Zauberkind
thx for the kind words :) and i tried to wirte a little story about the look and tried to explain my look as good as i could ... buuuuut gw2style kept deleting it. I don't know why and after the 3rd time re-writing the discription, i was all like "naaah i'm not gonna write it a 4th time" >.> .
Well, maybe this side will let me discribe my next look a bit more :'>
2016-08-26 19:56 in reply to Hylek

Sometimes, when i take to long creating the look, the site logs me out automatically and i have to start all over.
If that is the case for you too, try to pre-write the description in MS Word or sth., then just copy paste it.
I hope you figure out the problem and can post your stories in your future uploads :D
2016-08-27 0:23