The Circle of Eight - an excerpt from the Grimoire of Death

By Eremite on June 24th, 2016


Hi everyone! Decided to make a family photo for my 8 Reapers.
The story tells of how the Reapers we see in the game came about!
How did Necromancers evolve into Reapers?
Hope you are chilled by it!

Also, if you look closely at the picture, you might just see hidden words!


The cell was dark, save for a faint moonlight that shone through a tiny barred opening high above the wall, casting a pale bluish glow on the ground. And upon the bluish glow, a book was laid. It was a weathered book, blacken and torn from age, its cover carved with intricate blood-red symbols.

A tiny hand reached out from the shadows and caressed the cover, as wisps of dark mists rose, curling over his hand like a lover returning the affection. He was a practitioner of the dark arts, a necromancer. Thrown into the dungeons and left to rot, he was forgotten by the world. Night after night, he cursed the world for his plight. And then the book found him. It had appeared overnight out of thin air and whispered its dark secrets to him. And now, he was ready to learn its secrets.

The necromancer began to chant. It was barely audible at the beginning, but slowly grew into a crescendo as the book reacted to the incantation. The book floated and hovered in the air, its pages flipping wildly. As the incantation reached its end, the book fell back unto the ground, opened. The necromancer scurried forward, eager to gaze upon the open page. This was the prophecy that the book has chosen to reveal to him!

As he took in the page, eyes widening in horror, a painful gasp emitted from his throat as the book flashed a fiery red, searing the contents of the page into his very soul. His eyes turned blood red, glowing with an infernal flame, as his tiny body thrashed and writhed in agony on the ground. Minutes felt like years to him as the pain gnawed and grew from within. And then the pain passed as suddenly as it had began. Crawling slowly back up on his tiny legs, the picture on the page came unbidden to his mind again.

Reapers...eight of them...and he was to be the first...


The main character in the story above is actually the Asura in the picture (bottom row, third from left).
He was my very first necromancer and I had lots of fun playing him. He used to be my main roamer in WvW but I've since retired him to doing PvE!

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Great job :)
Had to think of the movie name: the hateful eight :P
2016-07-04 10:54

I never heard of that movie before but I quick read up on google and it seems pretty interesting...a group of 8 who mistrusted and attacked and killed each other...pretty close to reapers themselves XD
2016-07-05 19:35 in reply to silvertree

And thank you for your thoughts! much appreciated esp. coming from you - I've always been a fan of your works =D
2016-07-05 19:37 in reply to silvertree