Chaos and Crystals

By Exitus_Letalis on May 30th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
Vote Breakdown
7 10
0 0
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Just wanted to share my Chronomancer's current look. It's an dark themed look. She kinda looks like vampire due to her pale skin an red eyes. I'm big fan of Abyss dye. :D Purple goes well with spell effects.


Fashion Guru
She's beautiful! Gold from me :)
2016-05-30 9:48

Fashion Guru
Thank you!
2016-05-30 11:43 in reply to jesandsteven

Fashion Guru
The combo might be not exactly new here but still looks neat. I like the combo between the Trickster top combined with the Leystone Leggins and I think the T3 shoulders will always be one of my favourte skins in the game.
I like the weaponchoice here especially the shield is a very interesting and nice choice and looks really nice on her.
The colours are a little bit too darf for my taste but I actually like that you payed attention to add some more "lighter" violet to your dyescheme so the armour doesn't look too black.
The screens are very pretty and fitting and I like that you took some screens in a much brighter light so that we have a better look at the armour and its details. Overall, well done :3
2016-05-30 18:42

Fashion Guru
Thank you! T3 shoulders are probably favorite to everyone. I'm more into dark dye, but I added some more lighter to match swords. :)
2016-05-31 5:05 in reply to AnaChronism

this is so close to perfection ...
2016-06-29 12:35