Skilled Hunter

By KuriBunny on June 24th, 2014
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
17 4
8 4
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When I created Wynn Wolfe I wanted her to look like a skilled hunter in both ranged and close combat. Like her name implies, the wolf is her spirit guide, she mainly uses wolves as her pets, and even her main elite skill is Become the Wolf.

Because my main weapons of choice are ranged (longbow and short bow) I still wanted her outfit to look like she is also skilled with close combat (particularly daggers).

She's wearing a Strider's Tunic, Wolfborn Leggings, Wolf Boots, and Whisper's Secret Shoulderguards.

Dark Color Scheme:
Starry Night, Midnight Sky, Gold, and White Gold.

Light Color Scheme:
Shy Blue, Mithril, Antique Gold, and Gold.


This is absoloutely fantastic. I like the brighter color scheme more. I really, really love this style. Don't have a single complaint^^ GOLD
2014-06-25 5:09

Brilliant look! Both the darker and the brighter variant really shine with their dyejobs. The armor combination is absolutely awesome! Gold!
2014-08-17 9:18

I'm way more a fan of the darker colors. The darker blue really makes the gold pop!
2014-10-11 13:15

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2015-09-18 3:15

I like both sets, but I like the brighter one more considering my personal color taste :) Cute look!
2018-01-27 1:32