Muna Haukka - The Ringmaster of Terror Circus

By BHero on June 23rd, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
Vote Breakdown
17 12
4 1
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Some screenshots of my necromancer ringmaster. Hopefully you like it!

Link to Kusä (that male sylvari mesmer):


Fashion Guru
amazing, very nice armor mix
2014-08-06 14:59

Fashion Collector
In principle, I love it. It's very consistent thematically, but I'm having a love hate with the top hat. I'm wondering if the other top hat might look better. I think it's something about her expression and the 'jauntiness' of the hat combined. Maybe it's just me. Still giving you a gold, looks great.
2014-11-02 10:26

Sorry about slow answer.
I tried the other top hat, but it's doesn't fit. Your character looks like more bold than that she have any hair under that hat.
But thanks for the gold.~
2014-11-20 12:03