By Hetto Koala on April 22nd, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Yellow
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This is Efinny, she is a twin sylvari born in the same seedcase of the Pale Tree with her brother, Narlenn. Despite their aspect, they are very impulsive, but is Efinny who controls the excesive crazy follies of Narlenn. She will correct everything that she thinks his brother will do wrong because she bornt before and she has to be the example to follow They travel around Tyria in search of unique experiences and finding out what their Dream wanted to tell them, looking for their own identidy. Why one hears Ventari's voices and the other the opposite, Mallyx? Did they born only to satisfy to their new guests or is there anything else?

**Thanks to Migg to translate the text to English
Esta es Efinny, es una sylvari melliza nacida de la misma vaina del Arbol Pálido con su hermano, Narlenn. A pesar de su aspecto, son muy impulsivos, pero es Efinny quien controla las excesivas locuras de Narlenn. Ella corregirá todo lo que crea que haga su hermano mal porque es la que nació antes y tiene que ser el ejemplo a seguir. Viajan por el mundo en busca de experiencias únicas y averigüando qué su Sueño quería decirles, buscando su propia identidad. ¿Por qué uno escucha las voces de Ventari y el otro de todo lo contrario, Mallyx? ¿Habían nacido solamente para satisfacer a sus nuevos huéspedes o hay algo más detrás?



Same as the other one - gold!
2016-04-22 17:23

Digo lo mismo que en el de Narlenn, está perfecta. Todo! :)
Bien hecho.
I say the same that in Narlenn's one, it's perfect. Everything! :)
Good job.
2016-04-22 17:34

Elessar Taralom
I repeat my praise from Narlenn´s look: this is really original and creative, really awesome partner look!
The dyes look amazing, especially in combination with the sword she looks like an insect caught in amber!
While I do wish you would have used some more different armour sets while creating this look, this is just a minor critique
Your highly creative approach and the great presentation make this goldworthy already!
2016-04-23 5:19

Hetto Koala
Thanks for the comment! ^^

Yep, i could another armor to mix it (between the 4 we have xD) but i felt like just using a no-sylvari armor as pants would make her appearance a bit more different.
But yep, u are right, the originallity of my armor is not enough. :3
The only thing i'm proud of is the way i dye her armor ^^ (I love "yellow" color *.*)
2016-04-23 6:10 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Elessar Taralom
Yeah, if you want to use Sylvari armour you are a bit limited anyways, that is true
But maybe you could try the Twilight Arbour shoulders or gloves, just as a suggestion ^^
And you can certainly be very proud of the dye job, it looks amazing!
2016-04-23 6:23 in reply to Hetto Koala

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
cool duo look! already wrote it near Narlenn. this is how sylvari should be.
2016-04-23 12:02

I'm in love with your female version. *-*
It's a daring decision to use the templar tassets, but it works, awesome! Gold for your duo look. Want to see more. ;)
2016-04-23 12:29

same as your brother, Gold!
2016-04-23 23:29

i love those dyes *-* the armor combo also looks really awesome and the screens are superb!
2016-04-24 10:42

As i already told to Mimbrari ... amazing duo-look potential!
I really really want to see their adventures, pictured in a duo look! :P
Now that ive read both stories ... its very funny how both claim to be born first and therefore have to take care of the other one :D
Great idea, looks and presentation!
2016-04-24 12:22

Hetto Koala
Soon... :D
Thanks! ^^
2016-04-24 14:07 in reply to Hylek