Canthan Bodyguard

By LyraHeart on February 28th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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21 4
1 0
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Born to an immigrant family that moved to Cantha before its borders closed, Nastasia grew up learning the ways of melee fighting, firearms, and sailing. Tired of Cantha's xenophobic ways and being an outcast in the country, she and a handful of crew and refugees set sail to Kryta. Unfortunately the trip met with disaster when passing the risen land of Orr. Though Zhaitan was dead, Orr's waters still festered with the risen and their bone ships. Only Nastasia and a couple of her crew members managed to make it out alive, eventually washing up on the shores near Rata Sum. The encounter with the risen had resulted in Nastasia losing an eye, crippling her sharpshooting abilities. Once her strength and wounds had recovered, she departed for Divinity's Reach. There she sold her services as a bodyguard to the nobles, one of which she is currently employed to.

I wanted Nastasia's armor to reflect her childhood spent in Cantha, as well as to echo the Oni blade--as the look was designed around that. The pieces I chose I feel are practical for her job, yet they are ornate enough to attract the attention of nobles.
The dyes I also wanted to imitate the Oni Blade and felt that the darker colors wouldn't necessarily make her stand out from a crowd--as that would be a detriment to her job.

Apologies for the screens, I'm not very good at taking them--but tried to get shots that worked with her story as well as showed off some of the details of the armor.


I like this. A lot. Gold for you!
2016-02-28 16:03

Holy moly, this is fantastic! I've recently come to enjoy these heavy-armored looks, and I think this one does your theme amazingly. The armor combination I can fall in love with. Your chest, boots, and legs go very well together. Likewise, the gloves and shoulders fit and feel very samurai-esque. The eyepatch you sold on your story, and I think fits as well.

Your dyes are powerful and compliment the look. Generally Shadow Abyss removes any notion of detail on armor, but I can still see plates and curves and ridges with it on this set, it amazes me! The Rosewood red compliments the green on the Jaded weapons, and yet adds that oomph. I enjoy the dark blood-like detail on it. Likewise, the gold is a perfect trim, matching and contrasting the other pieces well.

Your Oni Blade also ties the look together very well, and I think it's one of the few Greatswords that would work with this.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoy this look. You sold your Canthan mercenary theme very well, and it shows that you've taken time to craft it all together. It's simply enchanting!
2016-02-28 16:09

Elessar Taralom
Dang, this is great! Everything from mix over dye to screens is perfect!
Gold for days! ^^
2016-02-28 16:21

This looks super awesome!
Great armor, great dyes, great screens, great story and great greatsword ;D
Free Gold for you!
2016-02-28 16:26

Fashion Guru
What a great story! I love how you created a great look around that. The dyes are well chosen and so are the different armour pieces that go pretty well together. I love the additional weapons you used and hell yea to those pretty screens. A wonderful character, indeed. You deserve a Golden Ticket :3
2016-02-28 18:54

It's best heavy armor I've seen. Ever. Seriuosly.
I love everything in your look- story, armor mix, colors and screens. Gold! :)
2016-02-28 18:59

Fashion Guru
Really lovely look :)
2016-02-29 5:13

that's an amazing job you did here! she looks sooo cool! there's nothing to critize here, everything fits perfectly and looks super awesome
2016-02-29 8:25

You get gold from this Fashion Diva!
2016-02-29 9:13

Thanks for the kind words all. Glad you like the look!
2016-02-29 13:04

Fashion Collector
You did a fantastic job matching your outfit to your weapon.

I never would have thought to mix in Zodiac and Ascalonian with Ornate pieces. They compliment each other very well. The coloration is absolutely striking, and the screenshots are well taken to reinforce the idea of a mercenary for hire to nobility.
2016-03-05 0:25