White & Gold Elementalist V.2

By glitterbat on February 24th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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Updated white and gold look for my Elementalist, Elena


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2016-02-24 16:24

Elessar Taralom
I have to admit, it is not the most original look, this white/gold thing has been done a lot already, but your armour mix is still very nice
Everything goes well together, especially the leggings and the gloves/boots; Light of Dwayna is always a fit and your character itself is beautiful ^^
Glasses are a bit lost on me, but as they are barely visible...some nice screens as well and we are nonetheless okay with the Inquest top
2016-02-24 17:44

Fashion Collector
While I don't hate the inquest vest, I agree it doesn't belong there. I think it's meant for more subtle looks, and that's not the case here as you have multiple detail-rich armor pieces and is using some really shiny dyes. Some suggestions of chests I have are: Phoenix Vest, Sorcerer's Top, Winged Tunic (you already have 2 other winged pieces however), Apprentice Coat and Carapace Vestments.
I like the rest of the look overall.
2016-02-24 18:14

Fashion Guru
Well I wouldn't agree that the Inquest top ist sort of a no-go or has to be included to a super duper awesome look to like it, so I think we are really okay with that.
Nonetheless I have to admit that the look itself is not that original sadly especially the dye scheme had been used for so many times. Which doesn't mean that your look isn't pretty at all. It's still looking beautiful and I still like this white- golden theme.
Still I would try to find another third colour you could add to your armour just to make it a bit more interesting also the glasses don't really make sense imo. Jeknar already pointed out that there are some more fitting tops to your outfit and it's worth thinking about it.
Screens are looking pretty though I would love to see some more :)
These are just some minor details that could turn this look into something more interesting :3
2016-02-25 9:34

Actually I like Inquest Vest here. In combination with Feathered Pants looks good. First time. Ever.
Ends of top are in parallel with pants and make sence to mixing these parts together ^^
Whole look is very subtle and elegant :) I don't like glasses at all, but here I don't mind. Also I don't mind two dyes sheme, but adding some light blueish or so would be nice.
Beautiful screens. Gold :)
2016-02-25 18:36

Fashion Guru
Haha, I didn't realise the Inquest Vest was so disliked! :D

With the first run through of this combination I actually had Shiver Sea (or Sky?) with the gold, instead of white, which was really pretty... but my Ele just doesn't feel like my Ele without white and gold. She was in this look - http://gw2style.com/look.php?id=6249 - for absolutely ages!

Thanks morriganiontko - the v-shaped line of the vest with the waist of the legs is why this is paired in the first place. It's very rare that I see the Inquest Vest matched with legs that "fit", so to speak. Nothing irritates me more than horrible cut off lines or weird gaps (see T2 light human cultural top with the high gap in the back, argh!)
2016-02-26 9:20

Fashion Collector
My "issue" with the inquest vest is that it kinda just a skimpy chest piece with not much details. I call it the "LOOK AT MY BOOBS Jacket".

If the V shape is the big deal, you should really try the phoenix chest. It ends pretty close to the feathered waist and has a V point that fit almost perfectly in the feather opening. And since it's a feather theme, it match even better with the pants. (Will look somenthing like this: http://i.imgur.com/Ec3P80R.jpg)

Since I don't have illumination dye I just used the closest I had to a shiny yellow. I also took the liberty of suggesting another headpiece since people seen to have a beef with the glasses: the Mind of Koda.
2016-02-28 7:54 in reply to glitterbat

Fashion Guru
Thanks for your suggestions! Mind of Koda looks lovely on the mockup you shared, I always forget about that one :)

Oh, and in case you'd not tried it, you can actually preview the dyes you don't have unlocked in the Hero panel. I've been tempted into buying far too many dyes that way, haha!
2016-02-29 12:49 in reply to Jeknar