Cerula Palewater - GW1 Elementalist

By Cerula on February 18th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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18 6
1 0
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Meet Sorceress Cerula Palewater, resident Elementalist of Wizard’s Fief!

I was going for a nostalgic Guild Wars 1 vibe with this look - inspired heavily by but not replicating the original Krytan Heritage Armour from Prophecies (see the last screen below for reference).

Nothing ground breaking armour mix wise, however a few careful and subtle shades of pastels and some asymmetry with the top and gloves adds just enough intrigue.
I also quite like all the little intricate details around the neck and head piece.

I'd appreciate any advice or tips too :)


Elessar Taralom
Yes, the armour mix is not the most original I ever saw on the site, but holy, you make up for it with literally everything else about this look!
The colours are just so incredibly pretty and graceful, definitely one of the best pastel looks I ever saw
Your screens are really beautiful as well, just excellent! Gold!
2016-02-18 14:12

Thank you for the kind words Elessar - your outfits are gorgeous :)
2016-02-18 15:06 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
you could ague about the originality of this look, but with a limited amount of skins, where a lot of them have a similar feel as another, it's difficult to make a look which is not close to something another person have already done.
for me it mainly comes down to the execution of the synergy between skins and colors to fit the theme you are going for.
And i must say, you did very well on following the style, with lovely synergy in the armor mix, and colors working beautifully with it.
so what, it might not be the most original, but it's beautiful and it won't stop me from giving you gold :)
2016-02-18 16:04

Fashion Guru
It's true this armor mix is not one of the most unique, but she still looks beautiful! The hairstyle works very well with this headpiece and I like her face. You did a great job with the dyes they look very similar to those of the gw1 armor, and your screens are beautiful too !
Gold :)
2016-02-18 18:14

Fashion Guru
Beautiful and elegant. You managed to create a really interesting and unique look. I have to agree that I never saw that kind of combination and that's a really good thing. She looks absolutely stunning I like those pastel- dyes you used and your screens are really pretty!
Goold :3
2016-02-18 19:04

It does have a lot of GW1 flair :D
Especially the colour-scheme resembles the ele-set a lot!
Im not too sure about the boots since they are literally from a GW1 nekro set, but i still wanna give you Gold for nostalgia ;D
2016-02-18 20:28

I love it! Someday I may steal this concept that I can't believe I didn't consider, although I'll probably approach it with mostly just Feathered because armor mixing rarely ends with much of a fashionable product.
2016-02-19 0:29

Thank you for the compliments! I love that GW2 has such diversity with armour sets, but I do miss the profession specific looks from GW1 :) Ahhh the good old days!
2016-02-19 12:16

Very good mix and color scheme ! Nice inspiration, everything fits what you wanted to do, gold from me too :D
2016-02-20 7:20

Awesome! I would chage the pants, but it's ok. Cool armor and pretty cute face. Congratulations! Gold for you
2017-09-21 5:46

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