Icy Reaper

By Exitus_Letalis on February 4th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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3 0
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Reaper in white? Why not. White represents death in some cultures. It is also an winter themed look. She is bringing some deathly chills and she is beautiful too, just like winter.

Head: Leystone
Shoulders: Chronomancer's
Chest: Seer Coat
Gloves: Country
Legs: Zodiac
Boots: Zodiac

GS: Crystal Guardian

Dyes: Celestial, Pastel Winter, Ash


Love this! First of all- creating a white death is so unique idea!
I really like a bit heavy look of your necro. Dye job is pure awesome. Blue elements works so good with hair's color, Zodiac armor and GS.
Ash dye is perfect on Zodiac pants and is also nice addiction on other pants.
Your look is very unique and deliberate, gold :)
2016-02-04 9:58

Fashion Guru
Thank you very much. :)
2016-02-04 10:00 in reply to morriganiontko

Fashion Collector
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2016-02-04 12:39

Elessar Taralom
Looks really cool! (haha, get it, cool? :D)
no really, the armour combination is great, I always root for these heavy looking outfits, nice continuity from hair and Zodiac pants and overall just a goodlooking character!
In addition the screens really transport the chilly, icy theme, gold ^^
2016-02-04 12:40

Fashion Collector
I like the colors and I like the armor.
I don't like the zodiac boot myself but that doesn't mean I shouldn't give gold to such a well crafted look.

Have you thought about using winter ice dye? It looks white while it's on light and get blueish when on shadow. It might go very well with the theme.
2016-02-04 12:43

Fashion Collector
Gorgeous and screens are really beautiful. Jormag would look like this if it was a woman :D
2016-02-04 13:12

Fashion Guru
Ty all :)
2016-02-06 16:05

lovely armor mix and dyes *-* i love the light zodiac pants and it's always nice to see someone make good use of it :P she looks really gorgeous
2016-03-20 12:15

Fashion Guru
Thank you!
2016-03-20 12:20 in reply to Chro