The Creature of Charms

By endelliel on January 23rd, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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36 5
1 0
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She came from the desert, the Zephyrites tell me. A giantess who emerged from the heart of a sandstorm, moving with the wind, leaving behind no footprint, no kingdom standing in her wake.

She is one of many, they say. More and more they come, these daughters of Djinn, beguiling and conquering. Dark and strange and beautiful.

"And dangerous?" I ask.

Yes, they answer. Strangeness is enchanting. Beauty is seductive. Kings, Queens, nobles and paupers alike have fought and died for it. Perhaps someday, you will too.


The sequel to The God Queen:

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Fashion Guru
Wooow.. this is amazing!
She is so beautiful. A pure goddess!
Perfect armor mix, weapons, colors, screens.. I just love your style.
Can't wait for next one. Gold!
2016-01-23 20:08

I thought it was the Acetyle who had done it =)
Same style
2016-01-23 21:39

Fashion Guru
Very nice! I really like the use of muted dyes here, they blend together perfectly. Excellent look!
2016-01-23 23:25

Another awesome look ! You really know how to do perfect black norns ! Gold from me :)
2016-01-24 5:22

Elessar Taralom
wow, this looks just so amazing, especially with the hood on! love the screens, love the dyes, love everything, your style is just so amazing!
Gold for days!
2016-01-24 5:39

Nessa Yavetil
OMG, sooo creative! I love it!
2016-01-24 8:09

That is an awesome looking character! I like it, easy gold :)
2016-01-24 8:10

Oh, I love this. I had a really similar idea for my necromancer but was too cheap to buy a makeover kit D: but I'm glad seeing this and how well it works. I might end up doing my version after all :3
2016-01-24 12:04

Amelia Syleste
Fashion Collector
As I commented on the subreddit, this is gorgeous. Just so freaking dramatic!
2016-01-24 13:16

Her face resembles that of angelina jolie, just magnificent.
2016-01-24 22:50

Kosmic Kaz
This looks amazing. The screens you took make it look even more stunning. I love your style!
2016-01-25 1:43

Thank you so much! A comment coming from you means a lot because I've always admired your work. So I do fangirl a bit when I see your comments and your look pages XD. But yes, thank you :3
2016-01-25 2:57 in reply to Acethyle

Thanks! Personally, I think Acethyle's style is on a higher, superior level than mine tbh. She does a lot of things that I can't pull off, or never will be able to. All hail the queen, as they say!
2016-01-25 2:59 in reply to Sold

-- Comment has been removed --
2016-01-25 3:09 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Yes, do! And I feel you about those makeover kits. They're expensive, especially if you want them in bulk. -shakes fist- Now, if there was a dungeon that awarded only makeover kits and transmutation charges I would play it everday tbh.
2016-01-25 3:17 in reply to HeartlessValkyrie

@ Everyone

Thank you for all the comments! Especially the ones that talked the dyes and the screens; muted colors ftw! I really appreciate these comments. I wish I could reply to every single one without risking spamming my own look. ;_;

@ Elessar Taralom

It seems I accidentally removed my reply to yours XD basically I was agreeing with you about the hood and that it was one of my favorite pieces in game. -nods-
2016-01-25 3:25

Pretty cool.
2016-01-25 3:59

Fashion Guru
Ahah thank you! I think the same about your work. Your first two looks are amazing and I'm already your big fan ;D
Oh and btw I'm a guy :)
2016-01-25 6:50 in reply to endelliel

-facepalm- my bad, I'm sorry! I totally dropped the ball on that one, lmao.
2016-01-25 8:19 in reply to Acethyle

This is a great look. I love how you work with the norn tattoos. It makes your looks always really unique and expressive. Gold! ;)
2016-01-26 9:53

To think even the dragon miniature could look so badass
2016-10-10 15:27

Dark Fairy Princess
She's sooo coool
2016-12-04 0:10