Squall Bevelle / Human Thief

By Nixon on January 19th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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4 5
1 0
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Outfit for the legendary contest (Incinerator). Squall Bevelle. Like all my other characters my thief is named after one main character and place or town from Final Fantasy. Kinda nerdy I know, but what can I do ^.^ Squall is the main character from FFVIII and Bevelle the capital of Spira existing in the world of FFX. My main goal was to create a bright and friendly look without loosing the mysterious appearance a typical thief should have. Also I wanted to use colors to match my legendary weapon Incinerator. Therefore I mainly used brown, white and gold-ish colors and coorperate this with the usage of "Subterfudge Hood" and the cape-like chest piece "Heritage Jerkin" to give my character the mysterious look I already spoke about. I appreciate your comments and I would love to read your feedback. Cheers ^.^


Elessar Taralom
definitely a good and solid look, interesting dye scheme....classic but good! I´d like to see some more screens ^^
2016-01-19 18:47