Mysterious Man of the Mire

By Binny Babbit on January 14th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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22 4
3 1
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Stories are told of an old, battle-weary man who wanders the swamps of Caledon Forest. With a bed of unkempt hair and a shriveled face, it is difficult to tell whether he is a wilting sylvari or a decaying human, or if he is even alive...

I wanted to give this character an undead/risen hero type of look, the idea of which came into my mind when the "unshowered" sylvari hair depicted in the screenshots was released. It took a bit of tweaking with the hair and skin color to get the look I wanted. I incorporated some plant-like armor pieces and dyed them for a wilted appearance. And of course the armor can't be too shiny so I decided on a dull silver.

Initially I decided on not equipping shoulder pieces (most of them are ridiculously oversized on male sylvari), which is why he doesn't have shoulder armor in some of the screenshots. I think the Gladiator shoulders look decent though.


I like the colors and the armor pieces fit surprisingly well together. I see him more like a mysterious rotting syslvari warrior in the swamp then a risen, but I like that idea of him too.
Nice job! :)
2016-01-14 17:15

Super original look!
I love how you made the brown part of the leg-piece look like dryd leafs!
For shoulders id go with some cultural stuff maybe, but the gladiator pauldrons work well too!
Very nice screens and matching weapons ...
Gold :D
2016-01-14 17:40

Elessar Taralom
really cool and unique look, especially on the dyes! good screens and an interesting description, that is an easy gold!
2016-01-14 17:43

Fashion Guru
Very cool idea and theme! I love how the gloves and the tassets fit well together! Cool mix and cool screens too !
His face and his hair are perfect he really looks undead or rotted. Gold !
2016-01-14 19:55

I love this - very original!! You might want to use darker, more rusted-looking dyes on the chest and legs, though. (Tarnished Steel comes to mind.)
2016-01-14 20:50

Fashion Guru
Cool loik
2016-01-14 22:59

Cool idea and fitting armour! I´d also go for a darker silver for the chest, but it´s still awesome :)
2016-01-15 7:57

He looks awesome ! I love the armor mix and the dye you use, gold from me :)
2016-01-15 10:51

Amazing Dye Job
2016-01-15 15:39

Binny Babbit
Thanks everyone, I didn't expect this to be so positively received!

Like some of you mentioned, I'll play around with the armor dyes a little more. It would be ideal if I could make the armor look rusted, but I wanted to emphasize the brown of the leaves, which is why I dyed the armor a different color (I didn't want the whole look to be brown).
2016-01-15 15:49

A unique look that hits the theme quite well.
I especially like how the way you dyed the pants matches the leaves and cultural armor bits.
2022-02-18 12:22