Melandru's priest

By Pattou on January 13th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
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Hi everyone ! Here is one of my character ! I love him so much. I was inspired by Cosmos from Fairy Tail with her pink hair and plants magic. So I wanted to create something with the same colors.

I write a chapter about his story but it's not in english, so here is a resume :

He was an orphan until a rich family adopted him. Then he became a priest of Melandru in Divinity's Reach. During a little party he found a particulary beautiful stranger. Who knows who is this guy ?

Hope you enjoy my guard, have a nice day :)

PS : I hope the pink hair will not confuse anyone ;)


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2016-01-13 14:31

Elessar Taralom
I am sadly totally lost on the dyes, but I appreciate the attempt to make a Melandru look on a heavy character
2016-01-13 15:26

First of all, thank you, both of you for the advices and for sharing your opinion ! :)

Kestrel : I like your idea and I already wanted to make a sylvaris female with pink hair and green armor and flower everywhere. But I will keep this one, because I enjoy more his abs than female design :') ! But yes, maybe Kudzu, if I stop spending my money into skins...

Elessar : Sorry for losing you ! :p I completly understand, I have weird tastes... The Melandru look is more a RP justification for the colors, but I'd like more "natural" armor pieces ! Thank you too :)
2016-01-13 16:06

I really like it, colors and all!
2016-01-14 9:14