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Set the order of your Additional Images

As some of you have seen, the Submit Look form changed this week. The new version includes a selection for Look Type at the top, to allow for new kinds of looks to be shared (more on that below). There have been some issues with the way images are ordered in the "additional images" section, and to counter that I've created a page where you can set your own order for the images. To do this, click the 'rearrange images' link on your look page.

Update! Setting the order of additional images has now been integrated into the normal edit look page. Simply drag and drop them into the arrangement you want to see on the look page and press update, and the order will be saved.

Create Group Looks

Group Looks are a solution for people who didn't like the "one look per look page" rule. The rule was created so that the site's search and categorization features wouldn't be compromised, but understandably, a lot of people like to pose with their friends! Group Look pages solve this by not using the normal categories and instead linking to at least one individual look page. If you've previously had a group look removed and want it restored, get in touch with the contact form.

Voting on Group Looks is slightly different. Instead of sliders for the Armor and Dye choices, the first two sliders on Group Look pages are for how the armor sets chosen work together, and on the choice of location. The sliders for originality, screenshots, and description remain unchanged.

Create Art Looks

I've always been a fan of the amazing art created by the GW2 community. Sometimes I see looks that include such artwork in the additional images section, but for a while I've wanted to let people feature their work a bit more. Art Looks are similar to group looks in that they link to a normal look page. But instead of featuring screenshots, they are intended to show off your original GW2-related creations. Medal voting is disabled on Art Look pages but constructive comments are welcome!

Rangers: specify your pets!

Looks with Town Clothes or Medium armor specified can now select up to four ranger pets to be displayed next to their other accessories.

More to Come

A lot of work went into this update, but I'm still working on a number of things that haven't made it live yet. I wanted to get the parts that were ready-enough out and start collecting your feedback on them, so I went ahead even though there are more improvements needed.

  • The rearrange images page is admittedly a bit of a band-aid kind of fix and I'll be working on improving it and then integrating it into the edit look form so setting the order of your images is less painful. Done!

  • I've started the process of adding Gliders and their dyes to the armor table, but it isn't quite ready yet.

  • I've added support for awarding multiple of the same trophy now so that I'll be able to create a trophy leaderboard to highlight active Stylists.

  • I also want to improve the way looks are linked together to give instant feedback. Done!

Save the Date!

Amelia from GuildWarsDyeJob is hosting an in-game Fashion Show on Feb. 27th! This event will take place on the EU server and volunteers are still needed. Interested in helping? Contact amelia brigita.3940 in-game, or via Reddit.

I can't see images in the website, the images just don't appear keeps saying "couldn't find image"
2017-04-22 15:24

me too
2017-10-20 7:22

Elgin Olgar
I cant see the images too. What can ? do ?
2019-01-12 2:20

Princess Cinderella
Fashion Collector
Hi. The "Specify Armor", "update details", button link is broken. It leads to a page error and the armor skin and dye colors are not saved. :(
2020-03-15 11:00

The above post is still on issue for me. In chrome you get an error page, in firefox the page just doesn't load after updating armor/dye entries.
2020-05-04 19:53

Also having the problem where I can't specify armor. Just get ' is currently unable to handle this request'.
2020-05-17 6:03

Just throwing this out there but we still can't specify our armor
2020-09-02 3:06

Still not able to specify armor, it's been a while.
2021-10-09 10:12

Keep getting a site error when trying to specify armor.
2021-11-15 17:03

Will you ever fix the specify armor feature? It was a very important feature of this website compared to others.
2022-01-23 9:04

cant upload imgur images to my style, anyone can help?
2022-06-17 17:55

i cant upload my armor because of the above issue :(
2022-10-30 6:51

Is this thing dead
2023-03-05 10:25

Could there be any other way to upload pictures besides Imgur?
2023-03-14 20:32