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Hello there! You can all call me Puky (pronounced "Pookie"). The reason why I used that spelling is because my first language happens to be spanish and in spanish, the pronunciation is more or less what's in parentheses (and not related to puke at all). I'm a pretty old GW player. I played GW1 close to launch and played for 7 years before moving on to GW2. Since launch, I've always noticed the amount of armor options and mixes that can be done in this game, and the fact that dyes can be used over and over for free makes it simpler to play with different color schemes and such. I'm an Altaholic and a PvP slave, but I run PvE as much as PvP probably. This means I have a lot of characters to take care of and the main reason I'm always low on transmutation charges (PvP helps a lot). My main character (depicted in my profile picture) will probably never show up in here because it happens to be awfully similar to Bremy's Ele of Water v2.0, so there's no point in me making a post (but please, make sure to check her look out, it's amazing: http://gw2style.com/look.php?id=2883). I'll just drop a couple of links of her down below in case you're curious. The rest of my characters might show up at some point though. I'm overall open to constructive criticism, and if I need to be scolded because I farted on a fashion choice, I'll take the hit and improve on it. Thanks to the people who take the time to comment, it really helps. My main: http://imgur.com/768wP6p