Fae Exemplar Dress in Blue

By Princess Cinderella on December 4th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Town Clothes
Color: Blue
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Cute, flirty, and elegant. What more can be said about this attire? Fly through your daily adventure in style with this attire.

Attire comes with thigh high boots.

Also included is a set of Sprite glittering wings, complete with particle effects.

This outfit uses the Exemplar Attire and the Glittering Wing Backpack. No mask.

Photo Set 1 shows the attire front and back.

Set 2 is inspire by Disney opening credits and has some similarities to Tink.


It looks super cute, but it's just an outfit and store wings.
2015-12-04 10:25

Fashion Guru
I think it's a cute look :)
2015-12-09 23:54