decrepit sage chronomancer

By shimarusama on December 1st, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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2 4
1 0
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-A few days ago i got my old skin for this character, and i not finished to convince, i hope you like this new change of image from my chronomancer ^^

_ I also would like people physiologically about this look and i advise for future changes

shima ~~~~


Is that the same char? lol xD
I really like the colour scheme! The green bits are PERFECT!
It works so well with the 1h-swords, tho im still not a fan of the greatsword ;P
I think the greenish metal on the boots could be even greener, just a bit. Some more of the greenish tones would look great in general, but it could be hard to mix it in properly i guess.
Still very nice look imo! :D
The screens are cool too! The one were hes smiling looks kinda cute ;D
2015-12-01 12:23

Okay so I guess it's the same mesmer that was white and red...
Omg he's gorgeous now ! I love the colors and his face looks cute/sexy.

The only negative point is the weapon, try something more in a "sylvari" look, like cultural weapons, or the auric ones maybe ? ;)

Gold from me anyway ! :3
2015-12-01 16:17

thank you very much hylek, progress properly hahahaha
to see if I can change the greatsword but I have not found one that catches my attention T_T
2015-12-02 6:19

worth the I try to see how they ^^
I'm glad you like it now pattou
2015-12-02 6:20

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