the eternal cronomante

By shimarusama on November 26th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: White
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i think that no skin is rather simple, i'd like to help me to improve it, and know that i need so that when people see me on the map stand twice to see how great i am going

it is my first post on this page, you may not be very hard with me haha


I think the armor comb is quite nice and fitting for the chronomancer, except the headpiece, its more a ritualistic type of thing.
What i really dont like is the colour-concept. Red and white only go well as ketchup and mayonaise imo xD
Id suggest you dye all the metal parts (looks at gloves O.o) with a dye that suits metal ... gold, bronze, silver, steel, whatever.
If you want to stick with the red (since you might not have a hairstyling kit ;P) i would chose another dye but white to go with it.
2015-11-27 10:38

thank you very much for your help, and I changed the hull by the sylvari t3 and also changed the dye clothes with dyes and muddy ground and I liked the change ^^
2015-11-28 12:44

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