Wasteland Mercenary

By minastauriel on November 21st, 2015
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
5 7
2 0
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I wanted a grittier heavy look for my newest character, my rev. A mix of a bounty hunter & mercenary, roughed up and on the hunt. On the verge of steampunk, but still a hint of realism. It also helps I already love how tough norn women look in general.

I may have gotten a tad screenshot-happy.

Character: Raksha Rae
EDIT: Added updated weapons


Looks awesome!
The dyes harmonize very nicely :D
I would change the weapons tho, they dont fit imo.
Still Gold from me ;P
2015-11-22 8:51

Fashion Collector
I completely agree, was half attempting to hide them until I got more transmutation charges ^ ^;; but thanks for your comment!
2015-11-24 10:30 in reply to Hylek

Love this so much. Originality and concept is superb. I really feel what you're going for, even your screenshots reflect it. I hope you share more, because you are very talented.
2015-11-30 6:22