Notes of a Whisperer.

By Lorelilly on November 13th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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9 6
4 0
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Day 3 since the fall of the Pact Fleet.
The past few days I've encountered many things, the annihilation of the pact fleet has left many of us scattered. Some alone, injured, dead or captured, I'm not quite sure which is worse. The day before yesterday I saw the pact commander and tribune Rytlock fight some of the Mordrem, they seemed to have everything under control so I did not venture very close. There have been reports that Marshall Thrahearne and Destiny's Edge have been captured by Mordremoth's minions, I hope the commander can find them in time. Meanwhile there are a lot of new area's to discover, imagine all the hidden secrets!

Day 4 since the fall of the Pact Fleet.
Upon discovery of a small Raptor creature I followed the little thing further into the jungle and learned they live in groups. Belying their adorably small pocket size they aren't very friendly and seem to have quite a temper. They attack at any sign of a threat and do so simultaneously, fast and vicious. They nearly cost me a toe.

Day 5 since the fall of the Pact Fleet.
After my close encounter with the Pocket Raptors I've decided to take it easy for a while and turn my attention to the plants, maybe they got special healing abilities or new poisons! In the distance I can see several mushrooms that appear to be bouncing, I'm moving in for closer inspection...

Day 6 since the fall of the Pact Fleet.
"Avoid pollen. Love, Faren."

Day 7 since the fall of the Pact Fleet.
They say I stumbled into camp rambling about pretty sparkles, walking mushrooms and talking tree's. I don't remember much. Except for lord Faren,- mind you wearing nothing but a small lion cloth,- saving me from the king of mushrooms after which we swung into the sunset on vines... I'm pretty sure it was a dream, I must've really been out of it...

Day 8 since the fall of the Pact Fleet.
Moving even further into the jungle there appear to be floating creatures that resemble the descriptions on old scrolls describing the Mursaat and Margronite. These beings however appear to be more friendly. I attempted to poke one, but it floated away before I could reach...

Day 9 since the fall of the Pact Fleet.
After spending most of the day following the floating things,- gathering my courage to actually talk to them,- I've come to know that they call themselves the Exalted. Apparently they are human volunteers who underwent a ritual that converted their bodies into pure magical energy, which where then encased in golden armor. I've got so many questions, I don't even know where to begin! Not to mention, they have a Golden city! Like, gold, gold! I checked, I nearly broke a tooth on it!


Aaaarrrggghhhh... I've been stuck with this combination for a while now because I tried it on my 'Flashy Thief' and I really liked it! Now I have this pet-peeve about not wanting to upload something similar to what I've already uploaded before, so I had to look for a different angle on it. Tried a few different armor pieces with it and messed around with the colors. Now on the subject of colors; they gave me quite a headache, specially because of the boots. There is a patch on there that is a standard brown which cannot be dyed, so I had to incorporate brown into the armor, which miraculously worked! (Eventually) I had to use several different shades of red and brown to get it just the way I wanted. Then I also wanted black in it, because of the initiate's backpack, so I eventually opted for tossing it on the jacket. Overall I think it worked out pretty well.

Dyes used: Shadow Abyss, Burgundy, Midnight Rust, Heirloom, Abyss, Enameled Generation, Enameled Crimson, Black Cherry, Enameled Emblaze and Midnight Fire.


Good job :D
2015-11-13 13:41

Fashion Guru
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2015-11-13 17:36

Fashion Guru
I have my own love/hate relationship with those boots because of that brown patch. So props to you for making it work despite that! Good look!
2015-11-13 19:43

Awesome description, great look, overall pretty cool, but just not enough for me to give you gold. Still, gj!
2015-11-14 15:24

Personally do not like the boots on my own characters but they look good here, also not a massive fan of the glasses but awesome look overall, colors, vibe. :)
2015-11-15 8:13