Nightlight Necra

By Becii on November 9th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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2 7
2 0
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I absolutly love this teal/blue colors ^^' and I finally found a nice combi with the zodiac leggs :3 also I love the collar of the Leystone-top :D

Since my Necra got 100% I'll have to wait till I can get my Dark Harvest :(


I like it aloottt, the only thing I'd maybe change is the wrists, they are a bit bland for my tastes, but still, I really like it :3.
2015-11-09 22:34

Wow :o gold :D
Well, I'm not really into your shoes but I really like your mix ^^
I really like the way you used the zodiacal pants :D
2015-11-10 3:41

Fashion Guru
Ty :)
the problem with the chest is i clips with 90% of the gloves i've tried =( so i went with these coz they look elegant and all other which fitted where so big o.O didn't like that at all :D

of u find a better choice pls let me know ;)
2015-11-10 5:12 in reply to Zheii

Fashion Guru
Ty ^^
tbh I just clicked trought the shoes in my wadrobe since zodiac shoes are my fav i didn't go fo them coz i used them so often and i used the pants of this set already :D but somehow they fit perfectly for me ^^
2015-11-10 5:14 in reply to Yumee

That looks really amazing, lovely mix :> Even though I don't like the shoes with it either, they kinda don't fit so well. But otherwise it looks pretty. The Dark Harvest will fit her so much :>
2015-11-10 5:16

Fashion Guru
ty :D
I see so gimme some advice I'm curious what shoes/gloves other ppl would take :o
2015-11-10 5:24 in reply to Aruviel

Well, checked for the shoes and it´s kinda hard to find fitting ones. I think either Zodiac or Phoenix would fit or try to look for something similar to that :D
2015-11-11 14:31

Fashion Guru
haha see i think ppl often just say sth is not fitting trought they never tried themselfs ;)

Since i used zodiac shoes very often already and i dont like the idea or eh "short" shoes here i will stay with my pic :D

but ty u tried to find sth ^^
2015-11-12 3:48 in reply to Aruviel

It´s just I use zodiac legs with shoes myself on my necro, but with different chest and the rest. Wanted to try to find something what´d fit your armor set.

Yush, stay with these then :>
2015-11-12 6:32 in reply to Becii

Fashion Guru
Haha then show me! upload ur armor for me pls :3

hehe i know i rly like how these shoes get wider at the bottom i never liked them before but for this mix they are perfect to me ^^
2015-11-12 10:46 in reply to Aruviel