[Jungle Provides] The Captain who Survived

By Vinushka on November 5th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
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It was supposed to be a successful mission: the 1st strike on the elder dragon Mordremoth. I can still see and hear all the people who came to cheer for us before the departure at Fort Trinity. The laughs, the music, the flowers given by children...We were all so optimistic, everything will go according to plan...We boarded on our magnificent ships (mine was the beautiful ''Jolly Tybalt'') and flew for several days. The travel was so long, as we were impatient and eager to fight.
And finally there it was...the luxury jungle below our eyes. But something was wrong: everything was weirdly...quiet. No sounds, not even a bird humming...Suddenly an imposing and loud voice blasted out. It seemed it was saying something, some kind of order, but I couldn't understand a word of it...Sylvaris started to look at each others, frightened. Some screamed, clenching their heads. Their eyes went black, and they started to attack us. ''They turned against us! Traitors!'', my soldiers stroke back. It was chaos aboard !
Huge vines emerged from the jungle, tearing one by one the Pact ships. We couldn't do anything, it was already too late. He was waiting for us, He caught us off guard.
My ship caught fire, I fell and fell... the last thing I remember was hitting a big branch.
I woke up...a little asura was looking at me, Doctor Elly: ''Thank god you alive! You are at the main pact encampment. I tried to fix you up, but you still have some broken ribs and also...how to say that...you are now one eyed, I'm sorry..."
It took me quite a while to recover. Now I'm training again for Dragonhunter as I lost my ''good'' aiming eye, and I'm exploring the jungle to learn its ways...Local Itzel got this saying ''The Jungles Provides'', but until now it only provided death and destruction around me...


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