Hipa Hekili (Lovestruck)

By Hipa on May 14th, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
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24 17
9 1
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My 4th armor set for my human guardian (PvE berserker set). Based off of the Lovestruck weapon set.

Almost every armor piece is from a different set and display dyes VERY differently, especially the Rampart set which displays extremely dark (that's white on it now, looks dark silver; celestial is about the same), and the shoes which are from an early-implemented set with pretty cheap material. Same deal with the ruby glow of the weapons, matching it across 3 different cloth/metal materials took a few different dyes. That's why there are 12-15 dyes to get such a basic look.

Pics taken with SweetFX & Fraps

Head: Splint Helm
Shoulder: Protector's Shoulderplates (Tier 3)
Chest: Priory's Historical Breastplate
Gloves: Splint Gloves
Legs: Rampart Legplates
Boots: Barbaric Boots
Back: Desert Rose

Weapons: Lovestruck Hammer, Lovestruck Staff, Lovestruck Scepter, Lovestruck Protector, Lovestruck Greatsword, Lovestruck Sword.

Dyes: Chalk, Scarlet, Cinders, Strawberry, Ash, Lifesblood, Burnished Steel, Ruby, White, Icing, Graphite, Nickel.


Mirrorz Edge
Looks great, so hard to match different armor sets together to make them look good.
2014-05-14 18:37

Dyes match the weapons very well and it's an original mix. Nice job!
2014-05-15 11:01

Fashion Guru
The armor and weapons match perfectly, nicely done!
2014-06-17 12:33

Perfect !
2014-08-08 15:59

Love the colors and you combine items very well!
Personally I'm a bit iffy over the top x bottom, but it doesn't distract from the whole.
Like your screenies too ;)
2014-08-09 17:10

Fashion Collector
Awesome screens, sweet armor and weapoons! gold!
2015-02-05 9:05

Cog Tor
Great shots!
2015-02-12 17:04

Beautiful! The dyes match the weapons perfectly!
2015-07-04 9:19