Armored Trapper

By BaldGut on October 22nd, 2015
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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17 3
1 0
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I'm a little bit late with Carapace/Viper combination, but I hope you like it.
I'm not a huge fan of supershiny metal...things ,that's why I'm using Steel Dye. It also gives a little rusty hue so i'll keep it that way.

added Oil Slick/Tarnished Steel/Enameled Brass and Charcoal/Cinders/Caustic versions

PS (If I made any grammatical mistakes, please point me to them, i'm trying to improve my english, thank you, love you all)


He looks cool! :) I love how the metal parts make the medium armor look a little heavy. Dyes are simple but I like that :)
2015-10-22 12:37

Great job on the dyes!
I think i prefer him without helmet :P
GJ, Gold :D
2015-10-22 13:27

Fashion Guru
Love him! Very unique! Gold :)
2015-10-22 15:14

This is marvelous. Armor combo looks authentic and very well put together. Things are dyed appropriately and aren't ridiculously overwhelming, too.

Nothing bad about it. It's great!
2015-10-22 15:49

Fashion Guru
i love him! everything combines really well! gold for me :D
2015-11-03 14:35

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
I have seen you ingame with this one i think. very cool look and dye combo. gold
2017-03-22 12:13