Yuna Gunner Cosplay (Medium armor)

By KRabbit on October 7th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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9 10
3 0
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I love ingame cosplay, and I wanted to try this look (first look here, first ever cosplay too)

I've seen other Yunas, and even a gunner one, but it was using light armor. Wanted to try to find a medium armor look so that it could also go with double pistols!

Can't decide on weather this actually looks enough like Yuna. Is it recognizable? If you see her running around with her double pistols, would you think of Yuna?

I even spent my last gems on getting the Viper leggings and I'm still on the fence about the whole look.
Although I really like how the pink tail of the carapace armor makes me think a bit of her pink braid.

Made 2 versions, first a test, that I think ended up too pale and was not too convinced with the hair.
Second version maybe ended up too dark skinned?
I have a style kit and could still change the hair, but nothing seems close enough.
(First test version is on the last screenshots)

Would love some help if anyone can thing of anything, which version you think it is best, or any change you'd make.



looks realy nice mate realy nailed it =)
2015-10-08 10:57

Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
I think you should try to add some yellow, maybe on a glove or something
2015-10-08 13:36

Thanks for the suggestion! I haven't found a glove I liked but I think some shoulders look promising to add some yellow. I'll have to level her a bit to be able to put shoulders on the look, and then I'll add a screenshot.
2015-10-12 11:01

so cool amazing looks perfect
2017-10-06 13:25