Toxic Mercenary

By Volant on September 18th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
6 13
2 1
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He has many names, but no one knows the real one. He ceased using his real name long before he awakened, shattered it like one of his illusions and now only Mother Tree knows it, although she refused to use it. Born in the Cycle of Noon, once cruel, chaotic and reckless, he ripen quickly, learned to think and look wider, but even studies in Durmand Priory didn't restrained his lust for revenge on Toxic Alliance and Nightmare Court. However, the reason remains unknown.
You can meet him everywhere around Tyria, filling another contract or... just being introvert.
As Ventari teaches: "Hard ground makes stronger roots."


WOW stories have been a thing lately but its cool! really good armor and weapon combo awesome!
2015-09-18 10:49

Fashion Collector
Very nice screenshots !! Good job :)
2015-09-18 11:22

Love this! The story is so good :D
2015-09-18 14:16

Fashion Guru
It would look better without the air-filtration device.
2015-09-18 18:23