Royal Angel of Death

By Ghost0Boy on August 15th, 2015
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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1 5
11 0
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Here my norn, I just took some set that I have and tried to make something cool :) I used Iron Dye with white gold with the Zodiac et Pheonix set. Enjoy :)
P.S: I would like to have help to change the dye :)


Dye Updated
2015-08-15 16:48

Fashion Collector
I like the dyes! The hair doesn't really fit though. It's not the same blue as the bright Zodiac Blue. I think a natural hair color would probably look best but that's up to you ofc. :)

Also you can hide the interface with CTRL+SHIFT+H (default keybind). It also works on the login screen. That way you can take prettier screenshots. :D
2015-08-15 16:56

Thank :) I will try to fi my dye or hair with my armor :) and I will do that trick !
2015-08-15 18:25