Stray Raven - mesmer

By Raena Arvalle on August 14th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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23 20
4 0
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I'm not a fan of the standard go-to of black and white, so when I was making this look I tried to at least do it a bit differently. My mesmer, Vaesis, is a stray; a woman who does love extravagance but has been a lone wolf for so long, picking up jobs here and there, that she can't afford the things she actually craves. Think an actress in a mummer's show, or a small local theatre - from afar it looks shiny, but from up close you see the sequins falling off the costume and the threads coming loose.

For this character, I always try to stick to purples, silvers and blacks, because she is dramatic that way. I wanted to create the feeling of a raven, or a crow always flying ahead of the storm. Those birds aren't always fully black though, and that's why I tried to create something dark without using one colour. I've thrown Iron, Abyss, Pitch and Silver in the mix, along with the obvious feather-y choices for her armour. I hope you like it!


Fashion Collector
I'm not a fan of full black either but she pulls it off well and it fits her character!

Perhaps you could dye the gem at her throat purple? I feel like it would match the focus nicely! The slight touch of Iron dye is perfect imo, because it really mimics the shades in her hair. :D
2015-08-15 12:18

Very "ravenish" nice job
2015-08-15 14:18

Raena Arvalle
Fashion Collector
Thanks guys!

I'm currently playing around with just that gem at her neck, haha. Lilac colours look good there as well, thank you for the suggestion!
2015-08-15 18:51

Muesli King
Fashion Collector
Love the black combo! :)
2015-08-18 17:50

Nice one!
2015-08-21 9:54

Last Epiphany
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this girl is really sexy
2015-08-28 16:53

Amazing,I love darker look on mesmers :)
2016-01-15 1:28