Golden Intracacies

By lunarundead on July 25th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Gold
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As I was taking my screenshots, I realized my armor kinda looks like Lion's arch, in its architecture and whatnot. Might make a new look more focused on that theme.

I don't see the Priory's Historical Vestments worn in GW2 a lot, and its a shame. It really is a beautiful piece of armor, I think people just have trouble finding armor to pair with it. I decided to take a shot at it, and incorporated the chest piece into my elementalist's new look. I've always been a sucker for gold armor, and I love the little blue detail found in the headpiece, shoulders, and staff. You can see that blue around Lion's Arch in a lot of the buildings.

I've been having some trouble with the Seer's Pants, they seem to be cutting through most boots I put on. Koda's boots, which I'm currently trying to get, match and don't get as buggy as some of the other ones, but they cut through the skirt part of the Seer's Pants.

Any help or suggestions on the dyes or armor would be great, this is one of the first sets I've posted on the site. Also, does anyone have tips on screenshots? I have the nagging feeling that mine are subpar.



Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
I really like the gold you're using for the metal parts. Maybe try Iron dye for the cloth bits? If i remember correctly lion's arch guard colours tend to be blue and gold, maybe with some brown accents. For the brown i recommend cocoa dye. Theres also this rust dye im forgetting the name of that's very nice
2015-07-25 22:09

Fashion Guru
If this was inspired by Lion's Arch, you'd have a bunch of random underwater creatures just chilling on you like the new Sea World buildings! ;D

Seriously though, this looks really nice! I agree with Annette that adding some blue tones into the mix would help give it a better Lion's Arch feel. The bits you have now are fine, but adding a bit more the the leggings and top might help out even more!
2015-07-25 23:57