Lellasi - Adventure

By Igneous Ray on July 9th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
8 8
3 0
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This necromancer got tired of The Grove. We may never know if it was a stale joke or that last annoying, cringe-worthy word of “wisdom” that set her off. She donned her most practical exploring gear, threw on her shades and tied up a sack of… Wintersday supplies? Alright, I admit, the guild backpack would have made more sense, but the Toymaker’s back item just matched so well! What’s a plant-girl if she isn’t crazy anyway?

NOTES: Armor density between Dredge coat and Ascalon pants line up pretty well. Looks like medium armor.

ISSUES: Metallic part in the middle may need to be explained. Not very sexy?

ABOUT LELLASI: Lellasi is an explorer who takes the disturbing trend of death around her and turns it to her aid. So far, the only sylvari on my account. I usually change her skin to orange on Halloween and white/blue on Wintersday. Best dance animation in the game.

Image #1: "May I sit here?"
Image #2: Sunlight!
Image #3: Shade!
Image #4: I don't think she understands propaganda...
Image #5: Yeah... She most certainly does not...
Image #6: Lady... You'll probably want to take the shades off in here.
Image #7: Spelunking begins!
Image #8: It's... It's Laura Crop!
Image #9: "I did it!"
Image #10: "What's this?"
Image #11: "Abscond!"
Image #12: Adorable stance.
Image #13: "I want one!"
Image #14: Still a necro.


This look is awesome, but I'am not a fan of the sunglasses. Still a gold for me. ;)
2015-07-10 2:30

First Style Supporter
Anyone that would do Sharkmaw Caverns for a story deserves Gold.
2015-07-11 7:22

Igneous Ray
Fashion Collector
Thanks silvertree and ratfeast!
2015-07-12 10:08