Mandalara - Glorious Snow Suit

By Mandalara on July 8th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
14 16
8 1
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Finally I got the Bow from Arah Dungeon and the Glorious Chest piece.
I think it even fits better then the Falconers Coat. So it's the updated version of the Falconers Hood.
Hope you like it!


like it. thats something you donĀ“t see every day^^

also the colors. strange but, good looking on its own way!
2015-07-08 13:45

Fashion Guru
nice colors
2015-07-08 13:47

Fashion Collector
I'm a bit iffy about this look, the skins and dyes together remind me of those full body snow suits that kids wear during winter. :D Unique look though!
2015-07-08 14:27

Gz at Longbow of Dragons Deep :D
I like the transition between chest and legs, but I like first version more.
Still unique and well dyed :)
2015-07-08 14:31

Fashion Guru
Lol thx for your honest words ;) The body snow suit is really close to this look ;) You're absolutely rigt *rofl* Maybe I should rename it ;)
2015-07-08 15:24

Fashion Guru
It's not the colors I personally would have used, but I do love the idea of the snowsuit. The skins fit together perfectly. *gold*
2015-07-08 16:19

Igneous Ray
Fashion Collector
Hmm, I like the idea but I'm not sold on the gold parts. For some reason the gold channels here aren't working as well as they did on the falconer's version.

Have you tried replacing those with something like a diffuse purple to complement the rest of your purple/maroon?
2015-07-08 19:28

Fashion Guru
thx for your opion. I really like the dye mixture of Vincent, regal and golden Lion. And yes I tried and will stick to my choice ;)
2015-07-09 5:08

First Style Supporter
Nice colors, strange suit. I liked the first one better, too.
2015-07-09 6:34

Fashion Guru
I like it, as if she's from a 90's game c:
2015-07-12 11:21

Fashion Guru
Wooow! This looks very unique! Kinda sporty I'd say, cool! :D
2015-07-26 9:35