Vexx Strongarm - The Azure Edge of Rata Sum

By Kyotsyu on July 6th, 2015
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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4 8
4 0
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The new I made for my second Warrior. He's a dual sword wielder from Rata Sum.

I'm not particularly fond of the Carapace shoulders' look for him but I don't have anything better. The rest of the look is full Electroplate. Was thinking of replacing some with the t3 armor, especially the shoulders, but I'm not sure.

Any help? Thanks!


I like his face :)
Dyes you have picked are interesting, but maybe I would go for some grey instead (one of) blue.
But I'm not sure, you can try it and see how you like it ;)
Wish I can help with armor, buuut I'm not good with asuras ;x
2015-07-07 6:17

I'm thinking of trying a grey tone or a soft purplish for the edges of the armor, the stripes and the likes.
Thanks for your input :)
2015-07-07 7:04

Oh lol I just saw your post on GuildwarsDyeJobs.
So I have nothing more to say. Still like this char. :D
2015-07-07 9:29

Ursine Gent
Very characterful face and a seldom used armour set, I love it. I do agree with you on the shoulders though, I would recommend the Whisper's secret shoulders or even the Zodiac shoulders to add to the blue theme, if you managed to buy them before they were taken away.
2015-07-27 11:51