Maguuma Adventurer

By ratfeast on July 4th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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18 13
1 0
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We see around LA many of the plants and a few animals that will be found in the new jungle areas of the Maguuma Jungle. That presented an opportunity to explore a theoretical jungle with a remake of my Sylvari engineer.

I chose the Mist Walker Coat dyed with Oil Slick to give it an antiquated feel of the old rubberized "rain slickers"; then paired that with the beautiful muskets of the Gallant Collection. I then matched the Evergreen Shoulderguards in color with the fur lining of the coat to give it an open collar look. The Practical Leatherworkers Backpack and the Adventurer's Mantle complete the look, I hope you like the effect,


Great theme, love the subtle colours and the backpack!
GJ, gold :)
2015-07-04 11:15

Nice outfit! The adventurer's mantle and the backpack match your character perfectly!
Gold too ;)
2015-07-04 13:07

First Style Supporter
Thanks guys.
2015-07-04 14:58

Igneous Ray
Fashion Collector
It's rough, chaotic and bulky yet it fits together so perfectly.

Excellent work!

Very natural look. Quite practical for a hunter too.
2015-07-04 17:06

First Style Supporter
Thanks Iggy Ray , I really appreciate it
2015-07-04 22:43

How can I miss your look?? :o
I see you are an explorer type, you kinda like that theme :D Also I enjoy looking at them ;)
Perfect armor combination and dyes for adventure!
2015-07-07 7:08

First Style Supporter
Thanks morriganiontko, I really appreciate it.
2015-07-07 10:17