The Rangineer

By Reki on July 2nd, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
5 15
10 1
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Stupid title - don't mind my bad jokes :-D

This is my ranger nowadays - earlier looks can be found on my profile.

I got the zodiac armor and wanted to use it - it turned out that my ranger looked better when looking more like an engineer - so this is how she looks now
and eternity fits her really great now :3


Fashion Collector
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2015-07-02 14:14

I love last photo with clouds in Eternity *.*
Actually like how Zodiac Armor works with colors. That combination fits perfectly with GS, as you said.
I'm not sure about Carapace Boots here. it's looking like some elements from pants was cutt of above your knees.
I don't have opinion about Spinal Blades. But you have llama. I love llamas :D
Overall intresting look but you can improve it a bit :)
2015-07-02 20:47

I think it is a mistake to combine shoes that are not zodiac or are short enough to not cover up that harsh "cutline" with the zodiac pants. It just looks like part of the texture is missing. That is not your fault, but I would recomment higher boots to cover the part near the knees up. Otherwise great look!
2015-07-03 2:04

The thing about the boots is: Sylvari look terrible in many many shoes... and the carapace make the feet look less broken than others do. And I am fully aware of that line - just found no better option in my wardrobe.
2015-07-03 3:25