Angelic Bride - Bridal Angel - My mesmer

By Reki on July 2nd, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
5 16
9 1
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Yeah.. so I had those white wings... and I just needed to create a look featuring them in a fitting way - not just the outfit used before + wings - so I ended up with a kinda lightly clothed bridal look :-D
Colors are lots of celestial dye + some special colors - I'm having issues using non-special colors since I collected all xD

of course I forgot to activate her halo for the screenshots :-(
- added it for the first pic now - and of course all those screens were shot at the end of the troll's revenge JP where she is parked atm xD
not the best light I guess but I hope you still like her look :-)

White Feather Wings Backpack is the back skin ofc


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2015-07-02 15:37

Fashion Guru
Beautiful outfot, and great dyes :D! How did you get the screen where she is sit and she gets the wings? I tried to do it, but the wings dissapers ;(!
2015-07-03 1:51

You make your character sit down, then hide the backpack for a moment and show it again - same for weapons while dancing - only that you have to put those to your inventory instead of hiding them^^
2015-07-03 3:28