The Lust for Knowledge - Versio

By SamHolyheart on June 28th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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12 12
6 0
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"Knowledge is the key element to power. Obtain the answers; obtain Tyria." - Versio. 1328 AE.

Born during the Cycle of Dusk, Versio is a Sylvari gifted with a talent of understanding. He keeps to himself and is constantly in some form of study. Versio does not tell his secrets to anybody other than a Sylvari warrior named Tiryus who disappeared without word.

When asked about Tiryus his only reply is:
"He was nothing more than a friend. I do not know of where he went, nor do I care."

When asked why he uses Mesmer magic, he answers:
"The power of Mesmer's is by far the most complex magic. Therefore I must master it to unlock its full potential."

Some fear Versio will someday pose a threat to Tyria just as Scarlet Briar did; others see him as a bookworm with a big mouth.


Ohh an evil character :D
I like armor combinations and screens. Well done! :)
2015-06-28 17:06

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