Pink Valkyrie - Guardian

By Genoxa on June 22nd, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
6 10
8 0
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Tried to make her look like angel-like guardian. Wanted a high heel type shoe closest I can get was Phalanx.

Head - Wreath of Cooperation
Shoulders - Avenger's Shoulderplates
Chest - Inquest Breastplate
Gloves - Scarlet's Grasp
Legs - Grasping Dead Legguards
Boots - Phalanx Warboots


First Style Supporter
Nice job. Very distinctive, although pink is not my favorite color.
2015-06-23 1:55

Fashion Guru
Pink is meta.
2015-06-23 18:18

^ Haha. I have different color schemes for my characters. Red (Thief), Blue (Warrior), Pink ( Guard), Yellow (Ele), Green (Mes).
2015-06-25 13:16

Fashion Guru
I think it looks great! Not a huge fan of the boots but the colours are great and the rest of the armor is so good. Very nice job! I love it.
2015-06-27 22:12