Swashbuckler Smuggler

By Phineas Drayke on June 22nd, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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6 5
5 0
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This is my first post on this site. Be indulgent :)

This is my main: Phineas Drayke. He is my (roleplayed) Swashbuckler/Smuggler guy. I fights with rapier (I LOVE rapiers) and Colt-style pistol. I had Bonetti's but changed to Lord Faren's.
I aimed for an adventurer look, but with a classy side to it (he's a charmer so he has to be presentable all the time).

For the hat, I change a lot, depending on what he is doing. I didn't yet find the perfect headwear for him because I really don't like ANETs tricks to hide hair. So as long we don't get some hats which hide your hair or make you bold, I mostly won't wear any.

As you see, I'm not a big fan of trenchcoat, but for some rare occasions, I keep one in his bag, the karma exotic from Orr.

Hope you enjoy!^^


Great look! I bet the ladies swoon over this dashing swordsman :)
2016-04-17 21:22