Candy Corn Mini

By AlviraFrost on June 21st, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Orange
Vote Breakdown
10 9
2 0
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No one understands the struggle of a mini.

We follow you heroes around Tyria. You run, dash, and teleport away, and we're left following behind. On foot. Exhausted.

Can't you help a mini out, and roleplay walk sometimes?

(This is just a fun look for Halloween. Didn't mean to leave the wings on, but now my poor mini has a way to catch up to the hero.)


The idea is very nice, but I'd say there's a little too much white in there to fit the elementals perfectly.
2015-06-21 18:16

Tyria needs more candy based life forms. I grant you a gold medal. Mostly because when Mordemoth attacks, I know I'd want my allies to be candy corn heroes.
2015-06-30 2:26