Daydreaming Zodiac Fearie

By DioHard on June 21st, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
Vote Breakdown
14 6
14 4
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Hey guys! I'd love to have your negative feedback! Tell me why, when you vote bronze, cheers! =)

I have been working a while on this outfit.
I tried everything and never managed to get a unique daydreamer look that hasn't been here (which are all great!)
Then I fiddled around with the zodiac and what came out reminds me very much of a fearie not only because of the wings but because of her overall appearance. A bit evil for sure, but not really.
For all you MTG Players out there, I think she could totally belong to the Simic Guild wouldn't you agree?

Also I took much more time for my screens this time around, and I think some came out very nice. I also found this garden in Queensdale at night to be very fitting for her theme.


Fashion Guru
Really nice outfit! Something special! It combines the evil and dark but at the same time shiny and beautiful! I really like it! I love thta you try something completely new and combine colours in a kind of strange way which works perfectly together in the whole outfit! Well done! Respect! Definetely gold!
2015-06-21 8:35

Fashion Guru
And i love your many screens! My favourite is the clapping in front of the "sun"
2015-06-21 8:36

Thanks for your kind words! :3 She was actually jumping and falling down again^^
2015-06-21 8:37

What a unique style, amazing! The screens are very cool too!
GJ, a well deserved Gold :D
2015-06-21 8:40

First Style Supporter
Nice blend of two very different looks, looks great!
2015-06-21 9:20

The color pairing is unusual, but looks great in action.
2015-06-21 12:19

I wasn't sure about Aristocrat's Pants, but when I saw photo of your back it totally convinced me ^^
Beautiful colors and screens, very unique armor combo.
Gold here :)
2015-06-22 17:20

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
At first I didn't like it, something was off - but it grew on me - but also the thing that was off became obvious. I think the hair is quite ill fitting. But apart from that, striking, and strangely appealing!

2015-07-13 20:12

What would you suggest for hair? Thanks for your input, Jan!
2015-07-14 6:31

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
Sounds silly, but I think it's the colour of the hair - clashes quite strongly with the pale skin colour - the armour combo as it is clashes quite visibly with the pale skin but I don't think it does so at the detriment of the look, but I definitely think the hair colour is off. Too many colours spread around the pallet!

Don't mean to be overly critical :)
2015-07-14 23:38

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
Maybe a head piece, hair colour change or skin colour change!
2015-07-14 23:39