From the Day Before Yesteday

By Lorelilly on June 19th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
12 18
2 0
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Now if you're going to yell at me for being unoriginal... You're probably right, since she is pretty much a re-upload of
my old warrior ( ) with with a different shoulder piece and a total make-over kit.
I decided upon the 'day before yesterday' title, which might just be a little cheesy, but hey, come up with something
more interesting and I'll be happy to change it ^0^''

Anyways, I was messing around with a total make-over kit (what I do a little too often to my wallets liking...), I ended
up with this look and I liked it so much that I wanted to use it, but I had no character to use it on. Eventually I settled
upon my warrior but with the shiney white and blue outfit she had, well lets just say it looked horrible... So basically
I went back to my original set. After 2 days of pondering whether to delete the original look and reupload or just
upload this one I've decided upon the latter for now.

The Heavy Cultural T3 human shoulders are... I'm not sure but I just love them to bits and I couldn't help myself.
It might make the look a tad top heavy, still I think the boots do a good job at pulling top and bottom together.

Let me know which one you like better & feel free to get hyper about the revenant armor cuz HoT is coming~!
That reminds me... you pre-ordered already?!!! I know I did!

** Sorry for the amount of screenshots... 2 days of pondering left me with a lot of useful screenies... @[email protected]


Fashion Guru
Good job, looks amazing with this new look!
2015-06-20 3:34

I am not a fan of the boots, but the rest of the look is great. gold for me :)
And the new version is better than the older one :P
2015-06-20 5:09

Fashion Guru
Fits very well together! Nice job :)
2015-06-20 7:45

I love the koda-chest! I think it looks better than your old version :D
GJ :)
2015-06-20 8:28

Thank you all!

@Silver ^0^
Tried looking for different boots, but I can't really find any other ones that look nice enough.
2015-06-23 8:31

Fashion Guru
Nice combination! It looks really cool and incredibly beautiful!
2015-06-23 15:34

Ascalons Keeper
Great combo of armors!!
2015-07-11 15:50